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Axle Repair/Replacement

Repair and Replacement Services
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Fleet Alignment Service is ready to repair your trailer axle and/or replace your worn parts. Should you need a new axle, we offer popular brands such as Dexter Axles and Lippert Axles.

Axle Repairs

We recommend bringing your equipment to Fleet Alignment Service for an inspection, as we can fix some axle issues through repair and alignment.

When does an axle need to be replaced?

Any of the following signs could indicate that a new axle is in your truck or trailer’s future:
  • Excessive tire wear
  • Extreme negative or positive camber
  • Exaggerated toe in or toe out
  • Any kind or bend in the axle
All performed in-house

Axle Replacement

At Fleet Alignment Service, we do a lot of axle alignments and repairs, but sometimes an axle is just beyond repair. In these cases, we can order and/or install the correct axle for your truck or trailer. We are very familiar with both Lippert axles and Dexter axles and will have no trouble locating and ordering the correct axle for your equipment.

Need to know what it would cost to fix or replace your trailer axle? Give us a call!
Positive and negative camber

Camber is the inward and outward tilt of the tire and wheel assembly as viewed from the front of the vehicle. Positive camber means that the top of the wheel tilts outward, away from the vehicle's center, while negative camber means the top of the wheel tilts inward, towards the vehicle's center.

Toe in vs. toe out

When the toe is properly calibrated, all four tire/wheel assemblies will be pointing in the same, forward direction. ‘Toe’ in means the front of the tires are pointed toward the center of the vehicle, while ‘toe out’ means they are pointed away from the center of the vehicle.


Fleet Alignment Service
27540 Forest Boulevard
Wyoming, Minnesota 55092

Mon - Fri: 7 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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