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Proper truck alignment is crucial to the safe operation of your truck's wheels, improves fuel mileage, and also extends the life of your tires. Maximum tire life is expected after a complete alignment with corrections to all alignment angles, including camber, caster, and toe. Camber is the third leading cause of tire wear behind Toe and Rear Tracking. At Fleet Alignment Service, maximize your savings: align it!

Do you need a wheel alignment?

Part of routine maintenance is to get wheels aligned periodically, and it is required by law for commercial vehicles. Often, it is recommended to get an alignment every oil change, but it can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Have your truck’s alignment checked if:

• Truck pulls while driving
• Steering wheel is off center
• You have uneven or unusual tire wear
• Truck handling feels loose
• Steering wheel doesn't return to center


What causes Wheels to lose alignment?

Impacts: This could be from pot holes, or hitting curbs.
Tire Wear: Worn out tires can create misalignment, getting new tires will require realignment.
General wear and tear: Parts wear out over time, it's unavoidable. If left unchecked, your wheels will lose alignment.

Truck alignment service  includes trucks of all GVWR Rating and class

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Trucks are classified on a scale of 1-8 based on how much weight they can safely handle. You can normally find your GVWR attached to your driver's side door. At Fleet Alignment Service we work with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Below we have provided the difference between light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty.


Alignment Service on a light duty truck
Light Duty trucks are defined as commercial trucks within Classes 1–3. Or a non-commercial tuck with a carrying capacity of 1,000 lbs.


Alignment Service on a medium duty truck
Medium Duty trucks are defined as commercial trucks within Classes 4–6. Or a non-commercial payload capacity around 1,500 pounds and 2000 lbs.


Alignment service on a heavy duty truck
Heavy Duty trucks are defined as commercial trucks within Classes 7–8. These are dump trucks, buses, cement mixers, dry vans, and other equipment.

alignment service Includes

Adjusting and Setting Toe | Adjusting Camber | Adjusting Caster | Wheelbase check

What kind of TRUCK Alignments We do

Truck alignment services from Fleet Alignment Service are a great way to ensure safety and maximize the performance and fuel efficiency of your light-, medium-, or heavy-duty truck, commercial or non-commercial. Proper alignment will also extend the life of your tires.

Steer axle alignment on a firetruck, alignment service

Steer AxlE Alignment

Truck front-end alignment and check rear tracking includes: measuring camber and caster, adjusting front toe-in, squaring the front axle, and measuring rear tracking.
Alignment Service on a Semi Truck

axles of any kind

We do alignments axles of any kind. Truck front-end and rear-drive tracking alignment includes: measuring camber and caster, adjusting front toe-in, squaring the front axle, and measuring rear tracking. Rear tracking alignment is set on both rear axles.
white semi getting a camber correction with alignment service

Camber Correction

Our Certified Beeline Camber Correction Equipment to perform and complete camber issues. We have corrected axles upwards of 2 degrees or more.

Trailer Alignment service

Alignment of single, tandem, and triple axle trailers: This will align the rear trailer axles with the kingpin, eliminating trailer dog tracking, saving on trailer tire wear, and driver fatigue. Set axle tracking on tandem trailer axles.

Includes campers and recreational vehicles.
Most small trailers with electrical brakes will require replacement of breakaway switches - generally, $35-$40 additional cost as needed.

We also do

Ice House Alignments
Camper Alignments

Fleet Alignment Service
27540 Forest Boulevard
Wyoming, Minnesota 55092

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