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Bore & Bushing

Axle and spindle boring and bushing
Call to get your steer axles and spindles checked out
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Instead of replacing expensive axles, you can use our bore & bushing service to extend their lifespan. Here at Fleet Alignment Service you can bring in your steer axles and spindles for boring and bushing. We are an approved Axle Doctor repair location. Along with our 200-ton bushing press, we can remove and install any style of bushing, big or small.


Bushings allow your vehicle to move without any vibration in your cabin. They can wear and crack over time from friction, age, heat, road salt, lubricants, and frequent heavy loads. Indicators that you may need to replace your bushings include:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Pulling when braking or accelerating
  • Clunking noise during accelerating or braking
  • Loose steering when turning corners

Why rebore your axle?

Steer axle kingpins are an important component of your truck, and shouldn't be neglected. If your kingpin is causing your borings to become oval-shaped, it may be time to rebore your axle. As a cost-effective repair, boring prevents you from having to replace your axle.

Bore & bushing service we offer

Axel Doctor

We repair axles & spindles

Bore & bushing from axles and front spindles.
bushing press

Our 200-ton press

We can remove and install any style of bushing, big or small. We can also bend custom u-bolts.
Trailer fabrication

Fabrication of any kind

U-bolt fabrication. Rusty frame patch work as well as welding on accessories.

Fleet Alignment Service
27540 Forest Boulevard
Wyoming, Minnesota 55092

Mon - Fri: 7 am - 4:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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